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Since the inception of 3G and 4G services in Pakistan, smartphone usage of speedy Internet access has really increased manifolds. These technologies have made possible to access high speed Internet on the go i.e Social networking, video streaming, news updates etc.

People can remain connected wherever they are and utilize power of their smartphone and high speed net access.

We know that 3G is faster than 2G and 4G is faster than 3G but what is the difference between theses technologies we don’t know. In this post I will try to highlight the details of theses tech words.



“G” in 3G or 4G stands for generation. The higher the number before G means more power so more information can be sent and received through the mobile network securely and reliably. Following are the different standards :



First generation of mobile network technology. Signals were sent in analogue form and not much could be done except making calls and sending SMS. But the biggest limitation was network coverage as it was only available within the country.



There was major improvement in technology as network went from analogue to digital. Call quality was improved and the biggest advancement was in terms of global roaming system as coverage became available across the world.



The third generation enabled users to have fast Internet access on devices like smartphones, tablets etc. Users can surf web, watch videos, play games on the move.

3G is capable of handling around 200 Kbps-2Mbps which means more data transmission. It is best option for users who always want to stay connected to internet.



Speeds shown in kbps

4G LTE (Long Term Evolution)


This generation need to have data transmission rates from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps which means super fast net access. Currently this type of access is not available. In addition to that smartphone also need to support 4G.

Network infrastructure is not available to support such bandwidth in Pakistan. It is a little faster than 3G. Infact 4G LTE in Pakistan is among the slowest in the world. You can see below link to get the details.

Pakistan LTE speed one of the slowest in the world

According to this report LTE speed is only 4Mbps which is far below than world average speed of 13Mbps.



There are rumors of 5G being tested but specifications are not confirmed. When it comes in a few years time it may give speeds of 1-10 Gbps.


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