Which is the best Web Browser? Internet Explorer (IE) vs Chrome vs Firefox

Everyday we use web browsers on our PCs, laptops,smartphones and tablets to browse Internet and do a lot of things like get information, use social media, check email\news etc.

We take web browsers for granted as they are free software like IE comes bundled with Windows while Safari is already available on Mac.Others like Chrome and Firefox can be easily downloaded.There are so many to choose from that it is very easy to get confused.

Although all of these software provides features to access Internet but obviously a user doesn’t want to use all of them. There should be one of them to be mostly used everyday,the one web browser that is better than others overall. Like I use one web browser for my Internet needs most of the time.

I will tell about it later on but first I will try to help you choose which one is better than others based on features.

The choice of browser really affects our productivity and use of Internet in a big way.


Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome are the most popular browsers available today.



We will compare theses browsers feature wise so that it is easy for us to choose which one is the best.

Loading Time


Slow browser is really annoying specially when you want to work faster. Google’s Chrome is a bit faster in loading time as compared with others and has a reputation of speedier browser. It is followed by IE and Firefox.

Overall there is not much difference between loading time of these software and all of them load quickly.

Winner :  Google Chrome

Memory Usage


Memory usage by applications does affect overall performance of device (computer, laptop, smartphone etc) as less available memory means that user will face slow response .

In case of browsers Chrome and IE use a bit of more memory as compared to Firefox. Firefox is least resource hungry as compared to other two.

Winner :  Firefox

Performance Tests


There are different performance tests to check different features like browser’s display of web pages, using Java etc.

In case of displaying web pages better and faster Chrome and Firefox are better than IE and other browsers like Safari and Opera.

In case of JavaScript Chrome and Firefox are good but IE is a little bit better. Overall Firefox is better to handle Java and web page display.

Winner :  Firefox

Design & Ease of use


In terms of design and simplicity Chrome is the best browser available. It was the first browser to simplify the interface with minimal clutter in order for user to work easily.

It has Omnibox feature ( same box for URL and search), simple navigation buttons like back, forward refresh, tabbed browsing feature and simple bookmarking method (by clicking STAR in upper right corner) which make it very attractive.

Firefox also a simple interface but it is bit more cluttered as compared to Chrome. 

Other browsers like IE, Apple Safari and Opera also support simple interfaces.

Winner :  Google Chrome


Extensions and Additional Features


In terms of extensions and add-ons Chrome is leading others browsers with a lot of extensions available for it. These extensions provide a lot of added functionality.

Also if you have access to Google Drive, GMail and Android the Chrome integrates with them very nicely.

Firefox also supports extensions but these are not very extensive and are meant for less experienced users. Safari also supports extension but it has very few available as compared to Chrome and Firefox.

IE is the only browser with almost no extensions support.

Winner :  Google Chrome

Chrome extensions

Google Chrome Extensions

Support for multiple devices


Nowadays we have different devices to access Internet and integration of these devices is a must in order to work efficiently. These include PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets etc. Having a different browser for each device will be a problem.

So a browser which integrates with these is a must have. Almost all of these browsers sync across multiple devices so you can get browsing history, stored passwords and favorites wherever you are.

Again Chrome comes out on top and via a single Google account it integrates with all the devices that you have. Number of apps that integrate with Chrome makes it most popular choice for mobility across many devices.

Firefox also allows to sync your data. IE is only available for Windows devices so it can’t be used on Android or iOS.

Winner :  Google Chrome


Below is the list for different browsers availability for different platforms:

  • Google Chrome: Windows, Apple Mac , and Linux (Android)
  • Mozilla Firefox : Windows, Apple Mac , and Linux (Android)
  • Internet Explorer : Windows
  • Safari: Apple Mac (Windows version no longer supported)
  • Opera: Windows, Apple Mac, and Linux (Android)
  • Edge: Available with Windows 10, not available for older versions of Windows.


Chrome sync settings

Chrome Sync settings

Security and Privacy


As we spend a lot of time on Internet so Security and Privacy are very crucial. Most of these browsers update themselves for security and can detect harmful sites.

IE has improved its security as it was once least secure among its rivals.Firefox also takes security very seriously but Chrome takes lead in this case by also scanning for harmful downloads too.

With built-in Flash feature and constant updates, Chrome can be called most secure browser.

Almost all browsers provide the option of private session too. Private session doesn’t store history, temporary file and cookies. In Chrome this option is called “Incognito”.




In case of privacy Chrome is biggest culprit as it collects as much user information it can.

Winner :  Google Chrome



Chrome is first choice because of it speed and design. It also provides easy integration across multiple devices with app support. Google chrome is mostly used by people all over the world and it handles almost half of Internet traffic.

So it is the most popular browser. It is followed by Internet Explorer and Firefox comes in third place. 

The reason Internet Explorer is used by many because it comes bundled with Windows and is used by people who only need to open few sites. People who surf the Internet heavily use Chrome. Firefox is excellent browser too because of it’s built quality, security and overall look and feel.

In my opinion Firefox should come at second place. I mostly use Google Chrome on my PC, Laptop and smartphone.

Please see following link to check a report which suggests that Chrome and Firefox increase efficiency of user.

Performing better at work? You’re probably using Chrome or Firefox

Although Chrome is the most popular but there is no limit how many we can use as all of them are free. If a specific extension isn’t available on one browser or a website isn’t displaying good, another browser can be used.

This is the reason people use more than one browser.

Some features are common as all of the major browsers now support tabbed browsing and searching from the address bar.

See the following YouTube video:


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