Exploding battery issue stops sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In a very surprising turn of events, Samsung is going to stop sales of its new flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7 and recall around 2.5 million smartphones worldwide because of cases of batteries explosion reported by customers. 

South Korean technology giant had launched this sixth-generation Galaxy Note phablet on August 2, 2016.


Note 7 is said to have the best design used for any smartphone till date and has features like water resistance and wireless charging. iPhone lacks both of these features.

Samsung has said that it is the case of a battery cell issue and it will replace all devices sold so far. The timing is not at all good for this company as Apple is going to launch iPhone 7 next week.

Although Apple’s new smartphone iPhone 7 doesn’t have a good feedback because of almost same design like its predecessors and without a headphone jack but it will have an edge over Note 7 because of this fault of battery.

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