Android remains dominant mobile OS with 86% market share


Android maintained its supreme position in terms of market share by having 86.2 percent share in sales of mobile devices in 2nd quarter of 2016 (April-June 2016).

It is reported by prominent IT research and advisory firm Gartner. The key point of its report are:

1) Overall sale of mobile devices grew by 4.3 % as compared to same period of last year. Total sales of mobile devices is 344 million units.

2) iOS has a share of 12.9 % of total sales, down from 14.6% last year.

3) Samsung lead the way with 22.3% market share.

4) Apple has a share of 12.9%.

5) Huawei is on third place with 8.9 % share.

Android share in same period (April-June) last year was 82.2%. The reason for increased no of sales for Android devices is the rise in demand for more affordable smartphones.

Please click the following link if you want to see the detailed report from Dawn:

Android devices dominate smartphone sales with 86pc market share in second quarter of 2016


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