10 Tips about How to improve Smartphone Battery time

We  use our smartphones for various tasks like calls, SMS, web browsing, chatting, camera etc throughout the day. All of theses activities take a toll on our phone’s battery.

Although battery performance have been improving with improved technology but at the end or even during the day we are left with low battery which prohibits us from making an important call or looking up something on Internet.

This is also due to the fact that new features in smartphones take the juice out of battery.

How to make battery last longer


I am writing this post to tell some ways to you in order to keep our cell phone’s battery from draining and to take most out of it.

1. Adjust the Brightness


This one tip improves battery life drastically. Screen consumes a lot of battery power so it is best to adjust the brightness of screen manually. Also try to avoid the Auto feature of brightness as it is usually more than required.




2. Turn off features not required


Many of the features available in phones are resource hungry so they also impact the battery life. Use them only when required and turn them off when you are done using them. These features include:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Data Service (3G\4G)
  • GPS
  • Hotspot

Energy is consumed whenever your smartphone searches for signals, Wi-Fi, 3G or Bluetooth etc. When the reception is poor, the phone will continue scanning to attain a good connection.

3. Battery Charging


It is a misconception among people to discharge the battery fully before charging it in order to increase battery life. In fact it adversely affects the battery life and shortens it. It is best to recharge often during the day even if it is 50-60 % remaining.

Also try to avoid it leaving plugged in after being fully charged.

4. Stop Background Apps


We install a  lot of Apps on our phones so they are kept running in the background when not used. In this way they consume battery power. Stop the apps  that are not required in order to conserve the battery time. Specially games and music players are biggest culprit.

In order to do that go to Settings > Applications  and either uninstall or stop the app. Only stop apps not required as some Apps provide use information like location data etc.

Since the Lollipop update, you can close recent apps easily by tapping the Recent Apps navigation button on your phone (to the right of the home button), then swiping left or right to close apps you ran recently.

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery usage to see which App is using how much battery.



5. Turn off Vibration


The vibration feature is also more battery consuming as compared to ringtone so use ringtone most of time and use vibration only when required or lessen the strength of vibration.

6. Shorten Screen Timeout


Reduce the time it takes for screen timeout to go into effect so that screen doesn’t remain lit after use.

Also lock the phone after usage so that phone doesn’t use power.

7. Turn on Airplane mode


Switch to ‘Airplane Mode’ or just switch your phone off when you know you can’t get any signal in order to save battery.

8. Turn off Notifications


With 3G\4G and Wi-Fi connectivity many apps use notifications to inform us about updates like emails, news, game scores etc. These notifications turn on the screen which also use battery. Turn off unnecessary notifications to save it.



9. Keep Phone in cool environment


It is optimal for phone and battery to be kept in cool environment like room temperature. Avoid placing the phone under sunlight or hot places as battery discharges fast in these places.

10. Push email


Having phone checking for emails (usually used in companies) constantly is a burden on battery so turn off Automatic Sync option and change it to an interval like 15 min, 30 min etc.



All of these tips generally apply to both iOS and Andriod but settings and screenshots shown apply to Andriod only. 

These are all the tips that you can use to increase the usage of smartphone by making it available for longer periods. I hope that you found this post helpful. 


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