How to secure your Android phone if it is lost or stolen

Our smartphones are one of the most valued and loved items that we possess today because of numerous uses and advantages that they provide. We use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc and  browse the web apart from making calls and sending SMS.

So even the thought of losing our smartphone makes us feel very terrified. Either it is stolen or lost, we try our very best to recover it but without any luck. Has this happened to you if you were so unlucky?

So what if this nightmare happens to us, is there anyway to recover it? Yes there is a way as Google has provided a feature called “Android Device Manager” in our Android phones that helps us to locate our precious asset. Or if it can’t be located we can lock it or erase the data on it to avoid going it in wrong hands.

Please follow the steps below in order to setup this feature on your phone:

1) Open your phone’s settings and the go to “Security” section.

Android Settings2

2) Look for option of “Android Device Manager” or “Device Administrators” or “Phone Administrators” depending upon version of Android and open it.

Android Settings1

3) Check the box next to option of “Android Device Manager”.

Android Settings3 Android Settings


4) Go to Google Android Device Manager page and login with your Google account ( like Gmail ID). You will need the one that is being used on your smartphone.

After logging in this site will help you to track your device via GPS (Global Positioning System), ring it for 5 minutes (like you lost in a room or car etc), lock it or erase its data.

Android Device Manager2



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