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Welcome to “ahfblog.com – Blog about Technology Information & News”

Well, Technology nowadays is everywhere i.e. Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Internet, Latest gadgets, Social media etc, a long list of things which comprise the word “Technology”.

With so many devices to use and to use them effectively in order to get the most out of them doesn’t seem easy.

With latest advancements in Technology happening so fast there must be knowledge resources which people like you can access in order to keep yourself updated and learn how to use them.

There a lot of blogs on Internet about Technology but unfortunately most of them are either not so informative or are confusing and a bit hard for common people to understand their structure and articles.

  • But ahfblog.com is different.

With that problem in mind, I started “ahfblog.com” in order to provide Technology information in a simple way so that people like you can understand different Technology concepts easily and get new updates on a regular basis. This way I can interact with online community and in the process my own knowledge will also increase a lot by doing research about new topics.

Instead of using difficult to understand technical language, I try to create posts that are simple, easy to digest and interesting to readers.

As I will show you some of my posts below , you will get an idea how I am trying to help you i.e. through Simple and effective way of presentation.


What’s included in “ahfblog.com”


As I told you above that my blog is about Technology so I have created different categories for different topics:

  • Technology – It includes information about different technologies in use or any new technologies like USB, Twitter, 3D Printing, IoT etc, for example:

     USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 vs USB 3.1

  • Computer – It is about different components of computer system whether it’s hardware or software, for example:

    Which is the best Web Browser? Internet Explorer (IE) vs Chrome vs Firefox

  • Mobile & Apps – This category includes information about Smartphones, OS (Android, iOS) and different Apps used on them. A post from this category:

   Android vs iOS – Comparison and Difference

  • How To – This category pertains to tutorials about using different technologies, software, security practices etc, for example:

   10 Tips about How to improve Smartphone Battery time

  • Latest News – It is a quick piece of news information to update about latest happenings in the world of Technology. A post from this category:

   News – Exploding battery issue stops sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7


About Me – The Author




My name is Ahmer Faraz. I am working as an IT Executive in PSO (Pakistan State Oil), the largest oil marketing company of Pakistan.

Basically I am a Mechanical Engineer (B.E) but I came into field of Information Technology around 15 years ago by doing different IT courses & certifications related to Systems Administration and Networking.

After spending such a long time in field of IT now I am fully involved in Technology field. I love to read Technology magazines, news, about new innovations etc.

How I started this blog is a bit interesting as I had no idea about blogging and never thought about starting a blog. One day I was just surfing the net and found a piece of information related  to blogging i.e what is blogging, how to blog and share information with the people.

It created interest in me to think about if I can also blog about my favorite topic i.e Technology. This way I can help other people to make the most of Technology products and devices.

But the problem was that I didn’t even know the B of blogging.

So I just started to find sites about basics of blogging and found some. These sites specially helped me to understand the basics of blogging and how to start it. I started to learn it and believe me there are a lot of things to learn in order to blog effectively.

I spent a lot of time on my laptop to learn the ABCs of Blogging. After getting enough knowledge about how to launch a blog, I decided to finally get one for me.

This way “ahfblog.com” was created. I am talking about March 2016.


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 ahfbog.com is meant to help you understand Technology and resolve the issues that you face. Following are the details about my posts:

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